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After years of helping others with their makeup and brows, René decided it was time she start her own business in an effort to help other women. Owner, René Young, is a certified permanent makeup artist. With over a decade of experience in cosmetics, René knows just how to sculpt the perfect brow. She works with her youngest daughter, Lindsey, who is a certified permanent makeup artist, as well as a certified lash extension and lash lift artist. This mother-daughter duo wishes to enhance the permanent makeup and beauty industry by creating natural brows and lashes that enable women to wake up with make up. Brows are created using microblading technology, which enables René to create a 3D hairstroke look. Microblading has become more and more popular because it gives the appearance of real, natural, eyebrow hairs. Lash extensions are created by placing a single lash extension on each of your individual lashes to give the appearance of longer, fuller, and thicker lashes. The lash lift technology lifts your lashes at the root, producing a beautiful, uplifted look that even makes your lashes appear longer and fuller. Add on the tint with the lash lift, and you're all set with your lifted, darker, enhanced lash line. The end result of each procedure is truly breath taking. Each procedure is performed by a certified professional. Want to wake up with your make up already on? Visit Brow and Lash Bar, you won't regret it. After consulting with us, you will feel confident with your decision to have your brows or lashes done at Brash. 

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