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If you are interested in reading our customer reviews, please visit our Facebook Page and our Yelp Business Page. If you have visited Brash or have had your brows or lashes done, we would love for you to review our business on Facebook and Yelp! We appreciate customer reviews and would love for future clients to hear about your experience. Thanks in advance! 



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Where to begin... Rene is beyond talented in microblading! She takes her time to explain everything she is doing and really cares about you and what will look best. To get my money's worth is already a 5 star, but the amazing customer service she gives is just so genuine and humble that I was just blown away. She educated me on microblading and the process. She uses great numbing cream so there is little to no pain. I had to get a full touch up the second time because of my skin type and because I sweated a little. So please whatever you do DON'T sweat or wet your brows for 7 days! She gives instructions and you must follow them. Don't be like me! Lucky for me she was super understanding and fixed me up right away. I drove from from Atlanta twice to meet Rene and have my brows worked on. She also has other women from surrounding states coming to visit her! If this isn't enough to convence you, then your missing out. 

 - Yvonne S. | Houston, TX

I have wanted to get my brows done for years. I would always talk myself out of it because I was afraid of the results. I came across Brash one day while I was looking around Alabama at places that do this. After researching and reading reviews, I decided to have it done. I had my first appt yesterday and I couldn't have been happier about the results. Although I know they will change a bit during the healing process, it makes me even more excited about how they will look after my 6 week touch up. And as far as Rene' and her sweet daughter Lindsey, you couldn't ask for better people to spend 3 hours with. I was amazed at how much I laughed and how comfortable they made me feel. Not only do I have a fantastic woman to keep my brows up from now on, I walked away with two new wonderful people that will be in my life as long as they want to be. Def will recommend this place! 

 - Jennifer S. | Jasper, AL

Rene is AMAZING at what she does and is so precise. She didn't rush thru any part of the process and is a perfectionist with her work. There was no pain at all during my microblading & she explained everything very well as she did it. The shape of my brows is perfect for my face- which we all know is so important. I drove from Dothan, AL to see her and would have driven ten extra hours if needed after my experience with Rene. I highly recommend her.

 - Saje C. | Dothan, AL

I've done my research about lash and brow salons in Birmingham, and throughout most of Alabama, and Brash did NOT disappoint. I've had my lashes tinted in other states, and had looked in to lash lifting, but I was never quite able to make it happen. I finally decided to visit Lindsey and get a last lift and tint - I haven't regretted it. My lashes look unreal. I naturally have long lashes, so I had been hesitant to do anything that might damage them or take away what I've already been gifted with. Lindsey did an AMAZING job. My lashes are lifted perfectly, not too much to where they curl in to my lid, but just enough to give my eyes a look that pops. I keep looking in the mirror and thinking my eyelashes are fake. I left the salon looking like I had mascara on and the results have been the same since I've left. It's been about a week now and I still find myself looking in the mirror, obsessing over them. I used to curl my lashes frequently and only wear makeup for weekends or special occasions. I've yet to touch mascara or an eyelash curler since I've had my lashes lifted and tinted and I don't think I'll need to for quite a while. I already can't wait to come back in October and have them done again, because I'm that obsessed with them. Lindsey and Rene do a phenomenal job, they're welcoming and inviting. After an hour of being there and chatting, I felt like I've known them forever. This mother daughter duo doesn't disappoint and their work is just as beautiful as their personalities. I highly recommend Lindsey and Rene for all eyelash and brow needs.

 - Sierra H. | Birmingham, AL

Rene did my brows last week....I love them more everyday!! I've always wanted full brows and now I have them. Not having to fill my brows in is amazing!!! Microblading is an art and Rene is an artist. We are very fortunate to have her here in Birmingham. My time spent at Brash Brow and Lash was a pleasure. Rene and Lindsey are sweethearts!!! One of the best things I've done for myself!!!

 - Deb H. | Birmingham, AL

Let me first start by saying that I am a very picky person who tends to be indecisive and nervous about change.  So when I was considering having my brows microbladed, I did a lot of research...  When I discovered BRASH on Instagram (@brash_browandlashbar), I was blown away by all the before and after photos.  I contacted Rene, and she was very quick to respond with answers to all my questions and concerns.  I was very excited, but still quite nervous. Rene is an absolute sweetheart and proved to be very knowledgeable on all things makeup and brows.  She even nailed the perfect brow shape for me on the very first try!  She was conservative and took all my concerns into consideration when creating my brow shape, color, and width.  I felt much more at ease, as I knew I was in good hands.  I am so pleased with my brows!  I can't express how nice it is to wake up and have perfect, defined eye brows!  Thank you, Rene!!!I have also had 2 lash lifts by Lindsey, and I really couldn't be happier with the results!  Who knew my seemingly "sad" lashes were actually quite long and full??  They just needed a lift, curl, and tint!  Thank you, Lindsey!!! Rene and Lindsey are extremely professional, all while being very personable and sweet.  I will be a BRASH client for life!  I can't say enough about Rene and Lindsey... they are just great!  I highly recommend BRASH -- you won't be disappointed!

 - Paige D. | Birmingham, AL

WHAT A GREAT EXPERIENCE!!! This was a first for me, and I WAS VERY NERVOUS!!! Rene and Lindsey were absolutely FABULOUS! My biggest fear was pain both during and after the microblading. I felt NOTHING during the procedure. Both Rene and Lindsey were wonderful at easing my worries and making me feel comfortable. When I got home, it felt like I had a mild sunburn. Easy-breezy!!!! While I was there, Lindsey was kind enough to slide me into her schedule for an eyelash lift (a first on this too). While I was saddened to face the full reality of how very little lash I actually have, what little I had were literally lifted and brightened my eyes. These ladies are very down-to-Earth, easy to approach and so knowledgeable. It was worth every second and penny. Got a customer for life!

 - Hee Jeong S. | Trussville, AL

Absolutely amazing!!! I went to get a lash lift and I've never gotten so many compliments before!! Lindsey is truly so sweet and kind! Love love love my lashes now and would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants their lashes to be more curled and lifted!

- Lillie S. | San Francisco, CA

What an amazing experience with Rene! I'm IN LOVE with my eyebrows and have already gotten so many compliments!! The customer service at Brash is impeccable. Rene made sure to explain every step of the process which made the experience so much more enjoyable. If you are thinking about getting your eyebrows microbladed, Brash is the place to go!!! They go above and beyond for their customers and their work is beautiful!!

 - Claire F. | Birmingham, AL

I had such a wonderful experience at Brash. Rene and Lindsey are extremely professional, talented, and do an amazing job. I enjoyed spending my afternoon with them as they are both super sweet and easy to talk to! My brows and lashes look amazing :) I will definitely be going back!

 - Kallen M. | Pelham, AL

You make my lashes look better than they ever have.  Not to mention the fact that you are absolutely the niciest person that I have ever met.  Which in my opinion just seems to come natural for you.  I am pretty particular about my lash since I am a lash stylist myself.  Glad that my client referred you to me.  Thanks again for making my lashes look amazing.  Your the only want who has been able to give me the look I want!  Thanks!

 - LaTonya N. | Birmingham, AL

After stressing forever over my brows, I was so excited to find Rene! She is the absolute BEST!!! So meticulous and accepts nothing but perfection. She has taken my brows from basically nothing to something I am obsessed with! I could never say enough good things about her! Oh and she's super sweet and makes the whole process painless and fun!"

- Lauren R. | Birmingham, AL

I cant begin to say how wonderful my experience was with my Lash Technician, Lindsey, and and her mother Rene at Brash.  Lindsey is definitely a perfectionist and made sure I would love my new lashes.  This was the first time I had my lashes done professionally and I could not be happier with the service I received.  From the comfortable chairs (w/ a neck and back pillow) the serene are welcomed to fall asleep even though we chatted like old girlfriends...I am definitely going to be a longtime customer...very professional, perfect natural looking lash extensions... Also, I received several compliments on my lashes without any makeup on from perfect strangers...Lindsey is by far the BEST, on a side note...her mom said my brows were beautiful and needed no work...that just made my day! 

 - Tanesha W. | Birmingham, AL

I can not say enough about Brash Brow and Lash!!! If you are like me, you have searched, read reviews, and looked at a million pics trying to find the perfect person/place to trust with your most prized position. Let's "face" it, that is the first thing you notice when you look in the mirror. Well STOP looking!! This IS it!! Rene and Lindsey are amazing, inside and out!! Their work is second to none. I'm a perfectionist and this mother-daughter duo have won me over! I had the pleasure of seeing first hand, the end results of one of Lindsey's clients while having Rene do my brows. Let me just say, I was totally amazed with the work of both ladies!! They are truly beautiful people, inside and out.

 - Dana M. | Birmingham, AL

Let's just say that Rene has worked magic creating a beautiful brow for me. I have drawn my brows on for 20 years. Always self conscious of them rubbing off or looking fake. Not anymore!!! Aside from her brow specialty she is such a sweetheart. She makes you feel so comfortable and right at home. I felt like I had known her for years. Love my new brows!

 - April W. | Childersburg, AL

I've had my eyelashes done at so many different places and Brash has by FAR been the best! Lindsey and Rene are the sweetest people ever and they really make sure you get what you are paying for. I've tried everything in the past - from eyelashes at salons to the cheaper areas and no one has gotten close to what Lindsey was able to do for me. I have very naturally long but STRAIGHT lashes and I had also had a few of my lashes ripped out from a previously bad experience. She was able to fix everything! 5/5 and will definitely be here for all my future eyelash extensions.

 - Vanessa S. | Tuscaloosa, AL

"BRASH is amazing!  Rene and Lindsey are very meticulous and it definitely shows! Even with no make-up I feel more confident! I'm a very busy mom and the extra time I save doing my make-up and brows is better devoted to my mommy tasks every morning! Also, even better, my brother told me that I look 10 years younger!

 - Jennifer K. |  Birmingham, AL

Stop searching!!! You have found the best micro blading in town! Rene is amazing, sweet, pays attention to detail and just incredible! I'm OBSESSED with brows :)

 - Lexie M. | Birmingham, AL

Love, love, LOVE Lindsey at Brash!  She does an incredible job on my eyelashes.  I have never received compliments on my eyes or lashes before and now I get multiple compliments a day.  It's so fun to wake up and feel beautiful without makeup on.  This is a look I could never achieve with even the best mascara or makeup artist - this is a flawless look and I will never go back to mascara!  Lindsey is easy to talk with, knowledgeable about all things lashes, and her perfectionism works in my favor.. my lashes are always thick and full.  If you are unsure about the price, it's definitely something to consider before getting hooked since this is pretty high maintenance.  But Lindsey is very reasonably priced, considering she affixes a synthetic lash to each individual natural lash - that's around 120 lashes - very labor intensive! As for Rene - let me start of by saying that I trust absolutely no one with my eyebrows.  I pluck regularly, but do not shape for fear of going too thin, BUT I would 100% trust Rene.  I've never met anyone so knowledgeable or passionate about brows.  I've seen her work first-hand and it is incredible!  I have so much respect for these two beauties, love them!

 - Jillian L. | Birmingham, AL

I visited Brash Brow and Lash Bar about 6 weeks ago for microblading, and Rene was wonderful!!! I was incredibly nervous because I had never done anything like this before, but I was equally as desperate for some work to be done on my brows. Thankfully, Rene calmed my nerves, took the time to carefully choose the right color and shape for me, was EXTREMELY patient with me, and even worked with me/on my brows for quite a bit longer than the scheduled appointment time. She is the BEST and genuinely wants to make you and your brows look great! So if you need your brows done, she's your girl! I go back tomorrow for my final touch-up and am beyond excited to see how my brows turn out!

 - Rachel G. | Montgomery, AL

I have never had an experience anythinglike what I did at Brash!!  Not only is Rene Young a true professional who is

excellent, a true artist at creating brows, she is also one of the most precious people I have ever met!! She made me

feel so comfortable, like we had known each other forever!  I loved every minute I spent there!!  And my brows.......they are perfect!!

 - Alison D. | Pelham, AL

I was so impressed with this establishment.  Professionalism at its best and services don't disappoint!  They are SO professional.  Best eyebrow and lash services in the southeast, hands down.

 - Jessica T. | Calera, AL 

Lindsey did a beautiful job on my lashes for my wedding! She is so professional, kind, personable and a perfectionist and makes sure you feel comfortable during your visit. She is able to answer any questions you may have and walks you

though the process clearly. She was flexible and accommodating when it came to scheduling appointment times.

I couldn't recommend her or Mrs. Renee more highly when looking for wonderful people who do a wonderful job on brows

and lashes.

 - Elle J. | Birmingham, AL

Went today to get my brows. This is this most perfectionist professional I have encountered. Rene' is wonderful. She walked me through every step of the procedure.It was painless and I am very satisfied with the finish produce. I recommend Brash Brow and Lash Bar to anyone that wants the best! It was a very relaxing experience.

  - Christi T. | Birmingham, AL

Don't go anywhere else for your brows! Clean, professional, relaxing environment. Rene knows exactly what she's doing,

a perfectionist rather, which is what you want for a tattoo on your face. She takes her time to get everything just right

and make sure you are very happy. Pain was completely bearable and Rene made sure to keep checking on me and

offered another numbing ointment to ensure maximum comfort at all times. I would never go anywhere else! You won't

be disappointed!

 - Christine J. | Birmingham, AL

I have wanted to have my brows done for several years! After much research and thought, I found Renee! I am so happy

with the results. Renee walked me through every step and let me have input throughout the process! It was painless,

the atmosphere is beautiful and calming, and Renee made me so comfortable I felt like we were long time friends! I

highly recommend Brash to anyone who wants to take the next step to fabulous brows or lashes! The results are


 - Martha D. | Birmingham, AL

Couldn't say enough good things about Brash!!! My brows look amazing, and Rene and Lindsey couldn't be more sweet, professional, and talented!!

 - Lindsey S. | Auburn, AL 

Go for it - If you are on the fence about whether to visit these ladies for Brow or Lash work... Easy from beginning to end. Meticulous work by two talented, professional ladies who could not be any nicer. Great results!

 - Cindi R. | B Birmingham, AL

Rene did a fantastic job on my brows. I always felt that having brows would make me look older. Little did I know it would really brighten up my eyes. She works with you and draws on the perfect brow before beginning treatment. Highly recommend! :)

 - Sandy F. | Sylacauga, AL 

I started seeing photos of beautiful brows on Facebook and began following BRASH brow and lash bar. After a month or so of thinking about this, I made an appointment. On the day I was having my brows done I was a bit nervous, after all it brows are on your face. What if they were awful and I hated them?? Rene took so much time helping me become comfortable with the process. She took so much time and care in getting the shape just how I liked. The process was not uncomfortable. I was afraid I would walk out looking a mess. This did not happen. My brows are stunning. If you are considering having your brows filled in, I can highly recommend this business.

 - Donna H. | Atlanta, GA

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